Mustang Club


mustang club

The Mustang Club provides volunteer assistance and financial support to our School’s athletic program--all designed to promote Catholic values and camaraderie amongst the student athletes, their parents, the school and the parish. Joining the Mustang Club is easy. In fact, everyone with a child involved with SMM Athletics is enrolled for FREE.  Those that are called to join as sponsors can simply fill out the attached enrollment form and send it to the School office.

If you have any questions regarding the Club, please contact or any one of our officers noted below.

Club Sponsorship Levels

LIFETIME - Hall of Fame & MVP

White Sponsors
The Doherty Family
The Dunn Family
The Meyer Family
The Rivas Family
The Tirado Family
The Godrey Family
The Parks Family
The Hawkins Family

Blue Sponsors
The Gonzalez Family
The Disbrow Family
The Gallagher Family
The Schellenberg Family
Edward Jones Investments

Gold Sponsors
The Cooney Family
The Loerzel Family
The Watkins Family

Red Sponsors
RDV Sportsplex



Vice President




Middle School Athletic Director

Grade School Athletic Director

Lisa Watkins

Rob Schellenberg

Betsy Lieble

Christy Loerzel

Lorianne Rotz

David Rivas

Anja Doherty