Special Events and Activities

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School is part of a rich and vibrant community with a long history of tradition. There are numerous activities and special events which occur throughout the year and are repeated annually. 


grandparents day

Grandparents Day is celebrated in the fall so students may share with them just a bit of their everyday life during the school year. On this day, grandparents or other significant family members are invited to theirs students' classrooms to join in a short activity before going to mass together. Following mass, a picnic lunch is served for all.

living gospel values


“The Father will honor whoever serves me,” (John 12:26) is the bible verse on the back of the 8th grade students’ Living Gospel Values shirts.  Three times during the school year, the St. Mary Magdalen 8th grade students travel to different sites in the Orlando community to spread God’s love.  The students go to organizations such as the Coalition for the Homeless, Salvation Army, Second Harvest Food Bank, Christian Sharing Center, Ronald McDonald House, and schools like Morning Star School.  The Living Gospel Values program provides the opportunity to put into practice the morals and values the students learn at home and school. 


Love circle

Love Circle in an inter-generational program between the school and the on-campus adult daycare center. Students of all ages visit on a regular basis, planning activities with their class to share with the adults. From board games to balloon volleyball to Christmas crafts, this opportunity benefits all participants and brings joy to one and all.

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christian service crusaders

The practice of our Catholic Faith is most fully expressed when we serve our neighbors the way Jesus did. Our faith is not simply a set of beliefs, but a way of life that should be visible to all. With this in mind, we have carefully crafted a rich and full Christian Service agenda which includes education as well as action for all of us here at SMMCS. Thank you for your support and we look forward to your involvement!


catholic schools week

Sponsored by NCEA, CSW is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States which occurs usually in late January. The week is filled with celebration and activities including a powder-puff football game fundraiser for charity, an opening prayer service, an open house for prospective new families, a talent show, a pep rally, a family picnic, and many more fun activities and themes each day. Through these events, our school focuses on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to the Church, our parish, local communities and the nation.



CommunityFest is a parish-wide event that takes place the 3rd weekend in October. It is the largest and longest running church festival in Central Florida and has been an annual event for over 50 years! The festival includes many tasty food booths run by parishioners, exciting games and rides, and wonderful entertainment. The weekend is kicked off with a parade on Friday's opening day. The parade features faculty, students, cheerleaders and musicians, as well as other parish members.

all saints celebration

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School celebrates All Hallow's Eve with a parade of saints! Students in grades K through 4 learn about and choose a favorite saint to dress up as. The parade goes throughout the school grounds and the parish offices. Following the parade, all grades gather for Halloween parties. 


christmas program

A highlight of our school year includes our annual Nativity program in December. The program begins with Grades 1 and 2 singing festive Christmas songs. The music is followed by our 8th Graders along with their Kindergarten buddies re-enacting the story of Jesus's birth - a beautiful and moving reminder of the story of Christmas to begin the season.


Kindergarten-8th grade buddies

Eighth graders probably look forward to this tradition most! The 8th graders are paired with a Kindergarten buddy. The buddy program begins with a ceremony where they meet and learn about each other. Throughout the school year they get together for various activities including a field trip. This friendship provides an opportunity for both 8th graders and Kindergarteners to learn from each other and develops into a bond that continues for years to come.


In addition to Music as a special subject area class for all students in Grades K-5, our music program includes our Mustang Music Ensemble, Show Choir, and Cantor Choir. The students in these programs have many opportunities to perform including an evening concert, pep rallies, CommunityFest, and even Disney World.


band and drumline

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School offers a beginner and advanced band program as well as a separate drum-line program for grades 4 through 8. We are blessed to have our band director, Mr. James Barker, who also directs the Bishop Moore Catholic High School marching band and is involved in many musical endeavors in the Central Florida Area.

may crowning

At the beginning of May, the month of Mary, our fourth graders prepare a special prayer service in Mary's honor. The service includes readings, song and prayer, but also depictions of the many images of the Virgin Mary and a crowning of the Queen Mother and presentation of flowers from all of the classes. 



Mothers day tea

The Mothers Day Tea is a highlight of the Kindergarten year. First Grade mothers and their students help host the event which includes students dressing up, being escorted to the cafeteria which has been transformed into a quaint tea room, portraits, a presentation on what they love most about their moms and song by the Kindergarteners!

first communion breakfast

The sacrament of First Holy Communion is certainly one of the most significant and meaningful events in the lives of our elementary students. Students are prepared both through their religion classes in second grade and through parish religious education classes. Following First Holy Communion at Sunday Masses, students then are celebrated by the entire student body at a school Mass wearing their special outfits. Following Mass, the students are treated to a special breakfast, along with their parents. 

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Field day

One of the culminating events of every school year is Field Day! Fun for all grades organized by our PE staff with the helping hands of many parents, students rotate through numerous stations on our vast campus, enjoying games and competitions while usually ending up a little wet, which is a relief in the warm Florida sunshine!

eco club

The SMMCS Eco Club is an after-school club whose purpose is to help the Earth. With the help of a middle school student's initiative, the club was instituted to help with the management of the new recycling program at our school. In addition, service projects and clean ups aim to help educate the SMMCS student population around ways they can help the environment, with the ultimate goal of preserving the Earth for years to come.




One of the appealing characteristics of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School is the sense of history and tradition. There are many more activities that occur throughout the school year that bring joy and excitment. Some of these include the Spelling Bee, the Geography Bee, the 7th Grade Science Fair, the Greek Festival, Thanksgiving festivities, special Masses on Holy Days, Stations of the Cross during Lent, the Altar Server program, and many, many more.